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Supra Absorbent Nicecare Baby Nappypads - Diaperchamp
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Supra Absorbent Nice Care Baby Nappypads

Salient Features of Nice Care Baby Nappypads

  1.  Hydrophilic Top Sheet.
  2. Absorption Core
  3. Water Proof Layer


Disposable Underpads – Can be used anywhere & everywhere.

Lightweight. easy to carry & dispose after every use.

360 Degree breathable fabric & Absorbs wetness quickly.

Hydrophilic Top Sheet

  1. It is a non woven with Hydrophilic treatment, which has strong affinity with water.
  2. It enables to have quick absorption of water from the surface.
  3. It acts like a bridge between the surface and the core.
  4. It provides the soft touching to the skin.

Absorption Core

  1. It is the main component of absorbing the liquid. It combined with the mixing of SAP and virgin wood pulp.
  2. Our long-term SAP partners are Sumitomo from Japan and BASF from Germany.
  3. Our long-term virgin wood pulp partners are Weyerhaeuser and International Paper from the USA.
  4. Double Core enables to concentrate the absorption in the middle of the core.
  5. 3 water channels enhance the absorption speed.

Water Proof Layer

  1. The raw material is Polyethylene (PE).
  2. It prevents the leakage from the bottom of the diaper.
  3.  The breathable PE enable the air go through the water proof layer .
  4. The breathable PE is softer and have a non woven layer outside, it results a cloth touch of the diaper.