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Baby Diaper

Now you can make your very own baby diaper. All you have to do is choose from the variety of features we have and create your own combination, resulting in a diaper that is suited to your needs. In the following we will describe the structure and features of a baby diaper.

Wet Wipes

Besides incontinence products, we also make wet wipes for different purposes, in different materials and sizes to fit every customers’ requirement.

Diaper Champ ULTRASOFT Baby Diapers

One of the First Ultrasoft baby diapers introduced in India with Stylish Dutch Design & utmost slimness provides maximum comfort to babies.The top sheet of the coil is made from Airlaid paper, also known as air laid nonwoven, is the new type of hygienic material, mainly made of wood pulp & fibre.The airlaid top sheet along with super absorbent polymers helps in instant and long-lasting absorption which prevents leakage & deformation of coil in spite of maximum urination, unlike other traditional diapers.

ULTRATHIN Diaper Champ Baby Pull Up Pants

3 Layered Baby Pull Up Pants with elastic waistbands – gentle on skin- provides high flexibility & softness with supersoft Legcuffs & play area for babies to move freely & comfortably.The elasticity of leg cuffs and waistbands flex as perthe baby structure and give them more room for fun times.Provides an ultrathin & soft absorption core. Has a top sheet with tear resistance & tensile strength particularly when wet, superior in absorbency.Its non-tearable & nonwoven top sheet prevents baby from getting infected. The top sheet is Soft, anti-rash, clean, hygienic, tear resistance & tensile strength particularly when wet, superior in absorbency.

DiaperChamp Wet Wipes

Deep Cleansing Premium Wet Wipes. Can be used on any external parts of babies – is soft, gentle, effective wet wipes made of non- woven fabric.Its 3D Embossed Texture & elasticity helps to clean corner & minute surfaces of babies &  prevents from getting easily torn.

Supra Absorbent Diaper champ Underpads

Salient Features of DiaperChamp Underpads

  1. Hydrophilic Top Sheet
  2. . Absorption Core
  3. . Water Proof Layer